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Living Waters Full Gospel Ministries Living Waters Full Gospel Ministries

About Living Waters Full Gospel Ministries About Living Waters Full Gospel Ministries


Our Staff

Bishop B. Michael Burney, Sr
    Senior Pastor

Pastor Alice Burney
    Pastor and Church Administrator

Evangelist Louise Thomas
    Assistant Pastor

Mins. Benjamin M. & Laquisha Burney
    Youth Pastors AFC (Ambassadors For Christ)

Brother Curtis Swint
    Finance Officer

LogoLiving Waters Full Gospel Ministries
1686 Williamson Rd. Map
Macon, Ga 31206
Phone: (478)788-1070

He who believes in Me as the Scripture has said out of his heart will flow rivers of living water" John 7:38

Weekly Service Times:

Sunday School Every 2nd & 4th Sundays 8:30a.m - 9:30a.m.

Sunday Morning Service

(The 2 Hour Experience) the experience is subject to change by the leading of the holy ghost


Children Church Every Sunday (ages 4-11)

Tuesday Night Bible Study & Youth Bible Study


Youth Prayer Night

Every 3rd Wednesday 

Salvation Army Saturdays 6:00pm

Foot Soldiers every 3rd Saturday 12 noon



Outreach Ministries
Annual General Assembly
Annual Men's Conference
Annual Women's Conference
Bible Enrichment Studies
Education & Scholarship Ministry
Evangelistic Street Ministry
Food & Clothing Bank Ministry
God's Next Top Models ( shaping Godly character in young women-ages 10-17 ) 
Homeless & Prison Ministry
Leadership Ministry ( Preparation for Ministry )
Marriage Ministry (Quarterly Seminars & Annual Retreats)
MIAA (Ministries in Affiliation Alliance)
Mother's Ministry
Nursing Home Ministry
Pastor Alice Burney (Women Empowered Ministry)
Restoring Lives Ministry
Singles Ministry (
Singles retreats, seminars, & discovering christian dating)
Summer Camp (Six weeks Program)
Sunday School Ministry
Televsion Broadcast Ministry
Van Ministry
Youth Ministry (Ambassador For Christ)

Mission Statement

Mission Statement
  1. To Glorify God in all that we say and do. To preach and teach the Word of God that is able to save the lost and give eternal life to all that believe.
  2. To Exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and to present him to all men as the only means of salvation and that is, believing in his Death, Burial, and Resurrection so men can have eternal life.
  3. To Turn men from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to the Power of God through the knowledge of our Savior and His Word.
  4. To Equip believers for the work of ministry through instructional means so the body may grow in the knowledge of the Son of God, to become mature disciples, and to fulfill the measure of the statue of the Fullness of Christ.
  5. To Serve others around us, by being an extension of the Love of God, to reach out to the hurting, the downtrodden, the less fortunate by clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, and visiting the homebound and imprisoned.
  6. To Promote family, and marriage between a male and female only. To encourage marriage for it's betterment and Spiritual growth and maturity through teaching and preaching Biblical Principles to be practiced among believers.
  7. To Assemble ourselves as a place of Worship to Almighty God and Jesus our Savior and liberty of the Holy Spirit in line with New Testament Teaching and Doctrine.

Thus our Mission is to Glorify  God, exalt the Lord Jesus, to turn men, to equip believers, and to serve others around us and to Follow the Principles of God set forth in the Scriptures as a pattern for men through out the ages

The Pastoral History of Bishop B. Michael & Pastor Alice Burney

In the fall of 1981 Ministers Michael and Alice Burney were called of God to leave the city of Savannah, Georgia, their home and go to Macon, Georgia. At the time they were under the Ministry of The Pentecostal Miracle Deliverance Center; and under the leadership of Prophetess Dr. Idell Cheever.

Brother Michael was saved under Dr. Cheever's leadership in 1973. Sister Alice came from the leadership of a local pastor in Savannah, Georgia who went home to be with the Lord, but, had directed them before her passing to the ministry of Pastor Cheever.

In their early salvation walk, Brother Michael was being used of God in street ministry; witnessing and teaching Sunday School. Sister Alice was already moving into her prophetic Ministry and doing Evangelist work.

But nothing could have prepared them for what was to take place in their lives. Macon, Georgia would be their making ground, their wilderness experience and the trial by fire that would refine them for what they were to become.

At the tender age of twenty-five and twenty-six years old, three years in marriage and 2 daughters (ages one and two years old) their son was born several years later. As they came to Macon, Georgia in blind obedience, not knowing what to expect, but only having a mind to say yes to God and his will for their lives. God's molding and shaping began.

Besides the hard beginning and suffering to start a work, they lived for months in an old building that was poorly heated which was the church by night and their living quarters by day. They continued to pray and seek Gods' plan and purpose, but the unfolding would not be easy. Doubters, Markers, Nay Sayers and even Witchcraft Workers sought and spoke for their demise. But the Lord Jesus whom they held fast to would strenghten them and as the word says.... " No weapon formed against you shall prosper"...... God would use all these things to shape and mold his servants to be a part of his Last Day Revival.

Great storms would rise, tests and trials would come; Sister Burney would even face many surgeries and illnesses, but the hand of God rested strong upon them and in him they would find shelter from every storm and trouble that would arise.

Later a son was given to them by a miracle and the three children grew up walking even unto this day close by the sides of their parents. The Burneys would go through many hard test over the years.

Now, almost thirty-four years later they yet stand walking in their season. Pastoring The Living Waters Full Gospel Ministries, a growing, thriving church that crosses age barriers, color barriers and social barriers, with a Ministry Outreach that spans into many capacities of service to God and man.

Churches have been and continue to be established. Bishop and Pastor Burney also serve as covering for other ministries. Both are in constant demand as Revivalist and Conference Speakers that carry them across the country, as well as the Islands. Now even greater doors are opening.

As a Repairer of The Breach, their Marriage Conference Ministry is moving into its seventh successful year, as couples are being healed, blessed and restored.

Each Sunday morning at Living Waters Full Gospel Ministries a capacity crowd enjoy the presence of Jesus and his anointing and receive a Rhema word from God.. Gifts of the Holy Ghost operate as Jesus is the central theme of each service. Souls are saved and won into the Kingdom of God.

Bishop and Pastor Burney reflect back and give Jesus all the Glory for all the things he has done and praise him in advance for all the things he is yet to do. They are neither weary or tired but stand ready to serve the Lord Jesus our soon coming King.