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  • This is a ministry that is housed at Livng Waters Full Gospel Ministry and the group is design to teach and show christian young ladies (ages 10-17) how to become young ladies and still live a christian life . It is also design to teach them how to dress, how to walk like a young lady, talk, to teach them ediquette and pose'. How to save yourself for that special someone. It is design to help them with everyday issues that they face.It is open to other christian young ladies outside of this ministry that want to learn and be taught on how to become a christian youth then a young adult and into a christian adult. The instructors for this group are Sis. Michelle Spivey and Sis. Caprice Thompson. If you are interested in joining our group, please create an account, and we have a form for you to fill out and we will contact you.
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      Welcome to the new group: God's Next Top Models!
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